The Jewelry Exchange released a pendant with the anticipated sales of 1000 units prior to Valentine’s Day. The pendant, which features a 2ct heart-shaped Amethyst and a 5-point full-cut diamond, is set in sterling silver. They are priced at $39. The initial production run was sold out before the advertising campaign had started.

Since the introduction of the pendant to their Retail stores and website ( on January 28th they have sold over 400 units. According to Ashkan Tahvildaran, the head of the production department and the pendants designer, the pendant will also be produced with Citrine, Garnet and Blue Topaz. The Jewelry Exchange, who produces their jewelry in their own factory, has had to work production crews overtime and weekends to meet the new estimates of about 4000 units.

George Risberg, the manager of The Jewelry Exchange’s online store, anticipates that the sales will increase exponentially as we get closer to Valentine’s Day. The Jewelry Exchange advertises many items at considerably lower prices than the average mall jeweler, most famously their 1 carat diamond stud earrings for $399.