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1/6 Carat Diamond – Sapphire in Motion Pendant in Silver

Introducing our exquisite .16CT Sapphire and .01CT Diamond Dancing Pendant with Chain. This elegant piece combines the allure of a deep blue sapphire with the brilliance of a shimmering diamond, both set in sterling silver. The ...

Showing all 16 results

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When you thought we couldn’t innovate diamond jewelry any further, we created this exclusive dancing diamond jewelry collection! Have you never heard of dancing jewelry before? We welcome you to the most statement-making, eye-catching, technologically advanced new way to set a diamond or gemstone!

A dancing diamond, or motion diamond jewelry, is a unique way of setting a stone so that every movement the wearer makes sends the gem vibrating or ‘dancing’ in the light. In this style, the center diamond or gemstone is suspended by two fine horizontal points that hold it in position. These points anchor the stone to its setting without prongs or bezels. This offers the stones the flexibility to move, as it’s no longer fixed in a rigid position nor touching or resting directly against the skin.
Our dancing diamond jewelry responds to even the most subtle movements, resulting in a show-stopping light and sparkle show, allowing the stones in the jewelry to interact with the light constantly. Motion diamond jewelry provides maximum attention-grabbing sparkle.

You’ll be sure to dazzle and delight with our motion diamond jewelry featuring gorgeous sapphires, clear and exquisite diamonds, rubies, tanzanite, and more. With highly polished, premium light-gathering silver to enhance and allow the spotlight to rest on the gems themselves, whether you’re purchasing for yourself or as a gift, surely our dancing jewelry will be an unforgettable, mesmerizing gift adored for years to come.

Whether a singular stone is ideal for you or a gorgeous halo of sapphires, tanzanite and diamonds are what you are after; you’ll no doubt find something to fall in love with in our dancing jewelry collection. As we are constantly striving to create and provide the most innovative group of dancing diamond jewelry, this collection will have many different and new designs, shapes, sizes, and styles added to it, so keep an eye out for this collection!
If you are ready to give her or yourself something to dance for, The Jewelry Exchange is prepared to help! Please feel free to reach out to us at any time for any questions you may have about our motion jewelry pendants!