Jewelry Education

This section has been created to provide first time buyers essential information about diamonds. You will learn about the five C’s (Carat weight, Cut, Color, Clarity and Cost), diamond facts and terminology. Plus, we’ll give you some interesting background on how we produce our jewelry.

The Jewelry Manufacturing Process

At The Jewelry Exchange, we import complete site holder boxes of diamonds, the least expensive and most direct way of acquiring diamonds. Because of our huge volume, we are able to work on much lower margins. Compare our prices to others… No one sells for less!

Customers can watch the magic of manufacturing jewelry right before their eyes. The process begins in our sorting room. Here, our trained staff chooses the proper quality and size diamond for the settings.

Our staff then receives the work envelopes and identifies each piece giving it a description, price and inventory number. Then, the pieces are distributed to the appropriate production line, then our expert goldsmiths, using our advanced on-site technologies, set the diamonds. Last the jewelry is carefully inspected to make sure it meets our strict quality standards.