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There are many jewelry retailers with attractive options all over the nation, but with The Jewelry Exchange, you’re buying much more than a stunning piece. The unbeatable value and quality of our diamond jewelry are second to none. Plus, we are one of the largest direct diamond importers in the United States and offer trending jewelry at the lowest production costs of any manufacturer.
One of the most significant policies that set us apart is our firm adherence to only offering conflict-free diamonds. Our awareness of the disgraceful practice of illegally produced diamonds—Blood Diamonds—has been a guiding principle for years here at The Jewelry Exchange. We only purchase diamonds from legitimate sources that abide by The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. Rest assured, you’re shopping from an array of conflict-free, responsibly sourced diamonds.
From colorless to colored diamonds, our offerings stem far beyond men’s and women’s rings. We’re proud to offer our Fall Sale. Featuring a lovely selection of necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and men’s chains and bracelets. Find options to perfectly match your diamond, or choose other types of gemstone like sapphire, garnet, or emerald. Our Jewelry make great anniversary gifts and make stunning outfits. With many finished pieces and custom options, we ensure you’ll find the one you’ve been searching for—even if you didn’t know you were! Our styles range from engagement and wedding to our delightfully Lab-Grown collection. Come check out the collections we have in our As Seen On TV 2024 Collection!
Jewelry education is very significant, so we provide all the information you need to know. When the customer is adequately informed, they’ll never leave unsatisfied with their purchase. We aim to offer accessible information and reasonably priced, quality fashion jewelry. In our Factory Tour section, we walk you through the steps of creating and designing our pieces. With such a complex yet intriguing process, why not show it off? One of the best abilities we have available is our capacity to create almost any type of jewelry. Come in with a drawing, picture, or heirloom that you want to be reproduced, and tell us of any changes you would need.
Together, we can bring your design to life! To set up an appointment to discuss a custom design, book online or call us at 888-539-3574.
If you have any questions about us or our offerings, don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance. We strive to ensure every customer leaves The Jewelry Exchange with a more than satisfactory experience. We are honored to become your number one jewelry store.

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