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Diamond S-Link Tennis Bracelets in 10K

Diamond tennis bracelet featuring round cut diamonds in prong setting between S-style gold links. This elegant single row bracelet is 7 inches long and is conveniently available in carat weights 1.6 through 2. Available in your ...

Diamond Tennis Bracelets In 10K

Diamond tennis bracelet features round cut diamonds in prong setting between rounded gold links. This elegant single row bracelet is 7 inches long and is conveniently available in carat weights 1.60 through 2 and 3.5 through ...

7ct Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond tennis bracelet features round cut diamonds in a basket 4-prong setting. This classic single-row bracelet is 7 inches long and conveniently available in 7-carat weight. Available in your choice of 14K white or yellow gold.

Showing 1–16 of 18 results

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1978 was a defining year for both tennis and bracelets. This exciting bracelet was introduced in the 20th Century and was initially known as eternity bracelets. Originally, petite, gorgeous diamonds formed a slender chain to create a stunning yet sleek and sporty silhouette. A rising tennis star, Chris Evert, was watched by thousands at the U.S. Open. During an intense game, Evert sported an eye-catching eternity white and gold bracelet. During a challenging match, she noticed the bracelet had broken and asked for gameplay stopped to look for it. Since that iconic moment, these beautiful bracelets have now been called tennis bracelets.
Since the 1970s, jewelry practices and technology have evolved and improved the design of tennis bracelets. Now, tennis bracelets can come in many different unique concepts and styles and find the traditional original string of diamonds.
This shimmering collection will delight with many beautiful variations in white gold, yellow gold, and breath-taking platinum. Along with these gorgeous metals, you’ll find various diamond Carats to choose, precious gem combinations, and distinctively sophisticated link styles such as our mesmerizing Serpentine links, Herring-bone-inspired gem patterns, and many more.
Other precious gems you may fall in love with featured within our tennis bracelets include blue diamonds, rubies, purple sapphires, red sapphires, orange sapphires, and yellow and delicate rose-pink sapphires. For the ultimate in shimmering enchantment, our most prized tennis bracelets in platinum are sure to capture anyone’s attention and turn heads and hearts. One of the many great qualities of this collection is how versatile our diamond tennis bracelets are—they are sure to look iridescently perfect on anyone regardless of what style is worn.
Our tennis bracelet designs are an excellent choice for the athletic, on-the-go people leading busy lifestyles while being ultra-comfortable to wear and be less intrusive. Lightweight, flexible, and with sturdy clasps, this is a timeless piece of jewelry that will never go out of style.
Would you like to know more about our diamond tennis bracelets? Are you looking for more information on creating your custom piece? Please feel free to reach out to us at any time; it would be our pleasure to help!