Diamond Solitaire Ring Mounts

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Showing 1–16 of 31 results

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A solitaire setting is a beautiful backdrop to infold an equally breath-taking single diamond with no other gemstones to distract. Much like your fiancé or spouse, we bet—who can no doubt stand out in a room on their own to you no matter where you are. Finding the perfect setting for an ideal ring that best encompasses all that you love about your particular person can be challenging to say the least, and thankfully, we are here to help.
There are few other diamond ring configurations or designs as iconic or classic, and solitaire frames combine elegance and sleekness. On this page, you’ll find our jewelers have collected our most bewitching frames solitaire ring settings for you to browse. Just a few of the gorgeous frames you’ll find here:

Our cathedral solitaire frames, also known as ‘high-profile,” come with an arched design similar to a cathedral’s roofline, hence its name. This holds a diamond front and center above the ring’s band, making the diamond appear as if it’s floating.
Split Shank
The split-shank framed solitaire ring setting has a shank that splits in two as it reaches to cradle a center diamond. This is an excellent choice for giving more presence to the stone and making a ring visually appealing while standing out.
The classic knife-edge solitaire frames feature a six-prong crown that secures a diamond. The crown sits on the ring shank flat on the side where the ring rests against the finger, typically shaped like a V pointing outward from the finger.

You’ll also find a wide range of four and six-prong solitaire settings, Tiffany settings, basket settings, and much more, as we constantly ensure that our solitaire ring inventory is updated with the freshest designs. We also provide metal choices, from precious white gold to warm yellow gold or enchanting rose gold.
Are you ready to create the ring of your dreams? We’re ready to help! Would you like to ask us questions about our framed solitaire ring frames? Please feel free to reach out to our expert Jeweler customer service representatives by calling 888-539-3574 or call for an appointment to visit us in person in any of our 14 locations.