TUSTIN, CA–(Marketwired – Aug 5, 2014) – The Jewelry Exchange very recently was able to acquire a large exceptional diamond of which its origins are surrounded by intrigue. The Katya Diamond is a gorgeous 50.11 carat cushion-cut gem that is purported to have come from the diamond-rich region of Siberia, in northern Russia. Since the majority of Russian diamonds tend to be smaller than a half carat in their uncut form, this diamond was a very rare find indeed, reported to have existed in uncut form at over 150 carats.

While the uncut diamond was of an extraordinary size, the beauty of what lay inside was not immediately apparent. Despite this, a prominent diamond trader thought there may be potential and immediately bought the rough diamond gemstone and sent it away to a reclusive diamond cutter in Antwerp, Belgium known as Roy Fuux. Fuux is reported to be a gem cutter of legendary proportions, trained in the old-style and who used only traditional tools to cut the rough stone. Fuux was able to use all his powers and skill as a diamond cutter to unlock an incomparable diamond of excellent color and clarity, far better than anyone could have hoped.

The gleaming masterpiece he created sat within the heart of the massive rough diamond like the innermost doll of a matryoshka set; the instantly recognizable Russian nesting dolls — wooden figurines that open to reveal similar smaller figures placed inside. And so it was named the Katya Diamond after the protagonist of the children’s book ‘The Magic Nesting Doll’, written by Jacqueline K. Ogburn. In the book, Katya receives the eponymous nesting dolls from her grandmother and uses the magic inside to save a kingdom from perpetual winter darkness. With the help of the magic nesting doll, Katya breaks a spell in which a prince is trapped in a frozen slumber. They fall in love and have a fairy tale ending.

The Jewelry Exchange is renowned for providing fairy tale beginnings — beautiful and affordable engagement rings and diamond jewelry for couples setting out to start a life together. This breathtaking diamond will be on display for only a short time at our Tustin, CA flagship location.

This rare opportunity to witness the shimmering brilliance that is the Katya is not to be missed. The magic of the Katya Diamond is apparent the first time you set eyes on it, shining with a brilliance that fills your heart with childlike wonder. This is the largest diamond that the Jewelry Exchange has had on display since the sale of the Sirocco Diamond in December of 2012. At just over 50 carats, the Katya positively dwarfs the Sirocco, which was a 16 carat round diamond and valued at $214,000. The asking price for the Katya is $2,297,000.

Goldenwest Diamond Corporation owns and operates the Jewelry Exchange, as well as the Jewelry Factory in the New York metropolitan area. They have many large certified diamonds available at prices to match nearly every budget, and set into jewelry manufactured on site in order to give customers the best possible deals on diamond jewelry.

The Katya Diamond, a wondrous 50.11 carat diamond with mysterious origins.

The Katya, on display at the Jewelry Exchange flagship store in Tustin, CA.