The Jewelry Exchange announces the grand opening of its newest diamond and jewelry store in Overland, Missouri, in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Opening on November 17th, it is the 17th store in the nationwide chain owned and operated by Goldenwest Diamond Corporation, and their second store to be opened in the Midwest as part of their national expansion program.

“Our stores now cover 45% of the U.S. market,” said CEO Bill Doddridge. “People not in cities where we have stores can order online.”

Only 15 minutes from downtown St. Louis, Overland is a pleasant community of 17,000 and noted for the manufacturing of Pepsi and Dr. Pepper. The full address is: The Jewelry Exchange, 1809 Belt Way Drive, Overland, MO 63114, Phone 314-426-9100, and Fax 314-426-9110. It’s easy to find and has ample parking.

The Jewelry Exchange, based in Tustin, California, is owned by Goldenwest Diamond Corporation which has 17 stores nationwide. The Jewelry Exchange manufactures most of its own jewelry and is one of the nation’s leading importers of diamonds.

The St Louis Jewelry Exchange