TUSTIN, Calif., May 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Jewelry Exchange is excited to announce the release of our newly upgraded e-Commerce website, which expands and improves on our previous web design with greater overall functionality, versatility and responsiveness providing our customers with a fully optimized jewelry buying experience. With this new design, users will find faster load times with optimized images that blend into a clean and seamless layout for a simpler viewing experience.

Our customers will find greater search capabilities and more specific product categories to enhance the findability of particular items and improve the usability and engagement on both desktop and tablet devices. The qualities of our new web design and e-Commerce store expands on our previous website while still retaining our strongest benefits such as custom user accounts, specific product categories, secure online banking, quality customer service and knowledgeable diamond consultants to assist with your online purchase. With an even balance of jewelry education, design and commerce, customers will notice a pleasant and complete jewelry purchasing process.

With our new web design, users will find a fully optimized layout on both desktop and mobile, creating a seamless interface with a greatly improved e-Commerce shopping experience. Our new design responsiveness allows users to view the web page on a screen or tablet of any size without losing any of the qualities and benefits of the full desktop design. This means that making purchases on mobile and tablet devices will provide customers an equally detailed and visually appealing web layout with the same simplicity and speed of the desktop.

The entire Jewelry Exchange staff is eager for this next step and ready for our loyal customers and newcomers to see and make full use of all of the new and improved benefits of our e-Commerce website.