The Jewelry Exchange is one of the nation’s leading jewelry manufacturers and retailers, and is introducing the latest brilliance of The Mark Gregory Collection. This exciting collection of his-and-hers matching wedding bands utilizes the latest computer technology to engrave intricate patterns on each band. The Mark Gregory Collection marries fresh designs with precision manufacturing to give you a lifetime of beauty and value.

Mark Gregory is a top designer that designs timeless wedding bands. The Jewelry Exchange is fortunate to have acquired him as a designer. His innovative ideas and in-depth knowledge melding technology and art have made him one of the nation’s leading designers. This combination of inspired design and leading technology has created The Mark Gregory Collection of precision machine engraved wedding bands.

The Mark Gregory Collection offers distinctive bands of unsurpassed quality and elegance. Whether your taste is modern or traditional, Mark gregory designes say “Love” in every language.

The Jewelry Exchange is a division of Goldenwest Diamond Corporation, and has been operating for over 32 years, in the following markets, doing business as The Jewelry Exchange in Los angeles/Tustin, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Tampa, Seattle, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Phoenix, Minneapolis, Denver and St. Louis. The company operates as the Jewelry Factory in New York, Detroit and Cleveland. And in Houston, the company operates as The Jewelry Source.

The entire Mark Gregory Collection can be viewed at any of the Jewelry Exchange’s seventeen locations throughout the United States, or by visiting their website at