Lab Grown Diamond Studs

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Diamond Stud Earrings offered in all Sizes and Qualities. 
Classic design, timeless beauty. Choose from our expansive inventory of brilliantly matched pairs, and customize by setting, precious metal, size, and quality for your own unique pair of heirloom quality diamond earrings.
Great Value – Our advertised quality diamond studs are a fantastic bargain for anyone looking for timeless brilliance without breaking the bank. Set in silver or your choice of 10k white or yellow gold, these diamond studs are an unbeatable value with a slight tinge of color.
Great Value - $499/ct                                                          Top quality $699/ct
Light brown/yellow tinge                                                       Better cut, more sparkle, lightest tinge
Si-I3 clarity                                                                              Si – i3 clarity
½ ct. $249 / ¾ $375 / 1 ct. $499                                          ½ $349 / ¾ $525 / 1 ct. $699 
Top White – Unrivaled quality and unmistakably elegant. Our advertised top white diamond studs are our most popular diamond earrings. Diamonds are hand selected for this program to be bright, white, and matched just right. Set in your choice of white or yellow 10k or 14k gold, and available in 3 different qualities.
Unparalleled value – 599/ct        Superior quality $799/ct              Highest quality - $1099/ct
Top White                                    Better cut, less inclusions            Best cut, Least inclusions, Maximum sparkle,
Si-I3 clarity                                   Si – i2 clarity                                    Si – i2 clarity
High grade – Our highest quality non-certified diamonds would be equally at home as the center stone in your engagement ring. Hand selected to be a cut above the rest, white, and clean to the eye, with Incredible brilliance and luster. Set in your choice of 14k white or yellow gold.
High Grade Studs
White, Near Colorless
Si1 – I1 clarity   
Lab Grown – High quality, and eco friendly, Our Lab Grown diamond studs are similar in quality to our high grade studs, but at a fraction of the price. Molecularly identical to mined diamonds with the same sparkle and brilliance, just grown in a lab. Set in your choice of white or yellow 10k gold
Lab Grown Studs
E – H color
VS1 – I1 clarity
2 ct. Studs – Big, Bold, Unmistakable. Available in 3 qualities, our advertised 2 ct. studs are the statement piece you’re looking for. Set in your choice of white or yellow 14k or 18k gold.
Great Value - $1990                Higher Quality - $2990                                      Top Quality - $3990
Light Brown/Yellow tinge                   better cut, more brilliance, less color             Maximum Brilliance, Much whiter
Si-I3 clarity                                Si – i2 clarity                                                         Si – i2 clarity