Vintage Diamond Rings for Sale

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When it comes to a ring with unquestionable individuality that speaks about the wearer rather than a statement of status and matches their lifestyles, you’ll love what we offer in our vintage diamond rings collection.
Vintage rings are the ‘old’ becoming ‘new’ again as the new millennium shifts toward a renewed appreciation for jewelry with historical resonance. Whether your fiancé is attracted to feminine, floral lacey openwork or a streamlined silhouette, we have the vintage diamond rings she’ll adore wearing forever.
In this collection, you will find unquestionable quality in shimmering, elegant, and timeless styles, such as our Pavé Engagement Ring. This ring can truly shine with a stunning ½ Carat diamond halo semi-mount and a total of .33 carat weight. Our Pavé ring has room to hold a .60 – .70 carat pear-shaped stone and is available in 10k, 14k, 18k warm yellow gold, gorgeous rose gold, or silvery-ice bright white gold. Pavé comes from the French word for paving, out of the habit of styling the stones as closely as possible, showing less metal and more diamond brilliance.
Perhaps your fiancé has spoken about how beautiful vintage diamond rings with a halo are? In this case, they may find themselves enchanted with our 3/5 Carat diamond halo semi-mount in 14k white gold, the 5 Carat diamond halo semi-mount in 18k white or yellow gold, or our personal favorite: the 3/8 Carat diamond halo semi-mount that looks as if a field of stars were captured in flawless diamonds.
Additionally, you will find the undeniably gorgeous swirl-engagement ring style on this page. The Swirl-style vintage rings showcase an artistic and playful side. Along with swirl style, you’ll find other features such as channel-setting, with hints of Victorian, Georgian, and Edwardian-inspired designs for any other vintage rings admirer.
At The Jewelry Exchange, we are committed to providing the highest quality diamond and precious gem jewelry pieces found on the market today. We are passionate about the elements we make, but we are also dedicated to providing the lowest possible prices. Would you love to know more about our vintage rings? Please feel free to reach out to us today. Call us at 1-888-539-3574 or call to book an appointment to visit one of our 14 locations in person.