Finding Your Ring Size

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While it may seem easy to do on your own, it is not recommended to try and find out your ring size on your own as there any many factors that go into determining your ideal ring size. Choose a ring that’s too loose and your ring will be in danger of slipping off and falling. Choose a ring that’s too tight and you might make your finger numb and uncomfortable. Your fingers also generally swell on particularly hot days or shrink when it’s chilly out, both of which will affect the fit of your ring. Finger sizes also differ depending on the hand, so you can’t just use the ring size of a finger on one hand to figure out the ring size of a finger on the other hand. Instead of tying a string or a measuring tape around your finger, it is highly recommended to consult a professional to determine your ring size. They’ll be able to take into account all of the different factors that go into finding out what will fit you perfectly.